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  • Catherine Baer

    Catherine Baer, MS, MS, LPC is a licensed professional counselor who believes in approaching her clients the same way Michelangelo would approach his art work. It is said that he could 'see' his sculptures already whole within his raw material. It was his task to simply remove the extraneous matter. So it is with Catherine's help. Often we know what it is we want and need to live our best life. However, our fears, other people's opinions, or limiting beliefs block our way.

    Catherine has earned Master's of Science degrees in both Psychology and Counseling. She has worked as a consultant, teacher, and counselor to thousands of individuals, families, and groups. She has counseled those wrestling with depression, anxiety, addiction, career issues, eating disorders, and cancer. She sees both individuals and families in her practice and conducts lectures and seminars in the community on family issues, stress management, and creating miracles.

    Catherine has both witnessed and personally experienced many miracles of healing and looks forward to helping you create your BEST LIFE! 

    To keep you focused on your best self and help you connect with resources that assist you in attaining your goals , we are committed to sharing our thoughts and favorite wellness tips with you on our blog.  We invite you to come follow us!

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